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Mark Bensi

I started playing drums and percussion at a very early age. By the time I was 14 I was already performing with bands in bars and nightclubs (to the chagrin of my parents)! I continued working as a drummer/vocalist after relocating from the East coast to Los Angeles. I landed a gig with Bill Withers, and shortly afterwards went on tour with Donna Summer. I've had the good fortune to tour with these and many other great musical artists. I began my career as a music editor after getting off the touring road. I started by cutting down music for use in commercials and promotional videos. My connections with composers and musicians led to me working on films and television shows. Sometimes, as in the case of Showtime's "Dexter", I performed the drums and percussion in the score. I've been working as a music editor for the last 20 years and was blessed to be a part of the team that won a primetime Emmy for our work on FX's "Fargo".