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Lance Povlock

Lance has been in love with music since his dad sat him down when he was five, put the giant Hi-fi headphones on his ears and said, "you'll like this, it's called Abbey Road." His passion for music would lead him to playing guitar in bands through college. Recording demos for his band would lead him to study at the Institute of Audio Research in NYC where he fell in love with the recording process. Upon graduation, he took the leap and moved across the country to LA. He soon began working as a composer tech/assistant to several composers and found he had a knack for putting music to picture. In 2010 he continued to add to his skills as he took the position of Head of Music Technology at HUM Music in Santa Monica. There he supported staff composers in both the technical and creative, as well as beginning to compose for commercials himself. With his strong audio engineering background he took on upgrading/maintaining the studio as well as running recording sessions. During his time at HUM he would be called to pull directional music and edit that music for placement. This ultimately led to taking a position with Media Arts Lab (Apple's ad agency) as a Music Editor. There Lance developed his skills in a creative fast-paced environment and put his talent to use in on of Apple's biggest and most successful campaigns featuring Siri and The Rock! From there Lance set his music editing sights to TV and Film and has been fortunate to work alongside several top music editors in Hollywood, which led him to MICDI Productions, Inc.