Press Release
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  • Release date April 18th 2020
  • Location Los Angeles, CA

Lorren Appointed as Composer

MICDI Productions, Inc. has announced the appointment of Lorren Chiodo as their new Music Composer. She will be writing and producing original underscore and source music in a variety of styles/genres for our music library, and utilizing those tracks for re-arrangement and compositional adjustments, based on the needs of the staff editors. We at MICDI are very excited to have Lorren join us in fulfilling this role and look forward to her growth with the company.

Since she joined MICDI Productions in July of 2019 she has brought a fresh perspective to the company, working alongside our team of editors. She has also utilized our editing suites to conduct freelance music editorial projects, and through her work has proven herself extremely capable as an editor. Lorren is also on the trajectory to join the union in the near future.

Lorren states, "I'm very excited to be working at such a highly established music editorial company, that embodies a unique collaborative working environment. I look forward to contributing to the high standard of work MICDI prides itself on."

Lorren Chiodo is a performing artist, composer and music editor from Melbourne, Australia. Lorren graduated with a Bachelor of Music Degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston MA, majoring in both Film Scoring and Music Performance.