"There was a Willie Nelson song that we had that we just couldn't afford. Our crack music people, [music supervisor] Greg Sill and [music editor] Lisa Arpino found another song and it just somehow worked."

- Graham Yost (In interview with

"I am starting the fourth season of The Good Wife with Sharyn, and it's impossible to imagine doing a show without her. Not only is she highly organized but she is also very musical - two skills that make her the perfect music editor. Sharyn, like everyone else I have worked with at MICDI, makes my job a little easier."

- David Buckley

"I've worked with MICDI music editors for over 10 years on many shows including Scrubs, Up All Night, Warehouse 13, Last Man Standing, Cougartown and several pilots. Avital, Ben, Lisa and Cody do a great job accommodating and creating solutions for our producers and composers with preparation, options, editorial and knowledgeable advice, while helping me keep the mix moving forward quickly. I'm always happy to find out I'm doing a season of television with one of Michael's talented music editors."

- John Cook. Rerecording Mixer, Universal Studios Sound Department

"MICDI is one of the top music editorial companies in the business. Working with Sharyn on The Good Wife, I have been happy with their creative and professional expertise. They know how to make a scene really work with music and always deliver on time. I look forward to many more years of working together."

- Samuel Diaz. Associate Director Of Music Supervision, CBS Television Studios

"I've had a great working relationship with MICDI since 2005, spanning many television series and movies. One of their many great traits is that despite being a highly organized and structured team they are always willing to bend that structure to my way of working and become involved with my custom cue management software. It lays the foundation for a very solid music department that I know our mutual clients trust implicitly. On top of the impeccable professionalism and dependability, they are also great people and fun collaborators, bringing nothing but positive energy into meetings and the dub stage. I'm always happy to be on the same team as MICDI."

- Robert Duncan, Composer

"MICDI is always at the top of my list. every music editor on staff is a top-notch pro. we can be confident that the job will be done right and communication is seamless. we love working with MICDI!"

- Kevin Edelman, Music Supervisor

"MICDI Productions is an exceptional company of music editors. Flexible, reliable, professional. I never hesitate to call them."

- Gary Hall, Senior VP Post Production, 20th Century Fox Television Post Production

"MICDI represents skill, talent and reliability.  They are easy to work with on every level."

- Wendy Levy, Music Supervisor

"I definitely would recommend MICDI to anyone seeking music editorial services. I have used them on dozens of projects since 1997. When we work together on a project I know that they have my back and all is taken care of. I can focus on writing music knowing that MicDi will get everything else done to everyone's complete satisfaction."

- Danny Lux, Composer